Pure Line "power of 5 herbs" shampoo for all types of hair 400 ml

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To ensure a full-fledged complex care for your hair you often have to use a number of hair care products.

That's why the experts of the Pure Line have developed a special shampoo "Power of 5 herbs", that combines all of them in one product to provide a full-fledged care for your hair.

Strong brew of 5 healing herbs in this balm, enriched with phyto-vitamins, acts in 5 directions:
1.       Nettle strengthens hair from the roots to the ends
2.       Camomile makes hair shiny
3.       tutsan's wort adds volume to the hair
4.       Celandine nourishes hair roots
5.       Milfoil makes hair smooth

It is proved: When using the shampoo with the balm, the effectiveness increases 3 times!**

Ideal for family use!*

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Yarrow; Hypericum; Celandine; Chamomile; Nettle; +10 phytovitamin.


  • Repair and nourishing of all types of hair
  • More volume at hair roots
  • Easy combing
  • Bright colour
  • Natural shine


* Recommended for children from 3 years up
** According to the results of the Unilever technical test, 2013 (comparison of the effect of the shampoo and that of a shampoo + conditioner complex)

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