Pure Line Marigold Shampoo for Hair Prone to Greasiness 400 ml

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Shampoos and Balms PURE LINE with the sign ECOcontrol guarantee ecology pure and benefits of herbs.

Herbs in the composition of the PURE LINE products have a quality certificate and passport through a multi-stage control of ecology pure. PURE LINE guarantees efficiency: monitors of the active substance maintenance level, uses only the most appropriate parts of plant and effective fraction plant composition, provides decoction clinical research.

The “Regulating” Shampoo for Hair Prone to Greasiness with extracts of marigold, sage and milfoil controls skin sebaceous activity, leaving the sensation of freshness and cleanliness for a long time. Active natural components reduce the excessive oiliness of the head skin and hair without overdrying the roots.

It is proved: When using the shampoo with the balm, the effectiveness increases 3 times!**

Is not a therapeutic product.


Marigold Extract; Sage Extract; Yarrow extract; Decoction of medicinal herbs.


  • Light and beautiful hair
  • Excessive greasiness is removed
  • The hair lasts clean for longer time

1in the assortment of the brand Clear Line
2the consumer properties of Pure Line shampoos are confirmed by consumer testing, Russian Federation, 2016.
* According to the manufacturer's test protocol, Russia, 2015

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