PURE LINE Anti-aging eye cream-lifting Power of 5 herbs 45 ml

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Power of 5 herbs is the products collection, created on the basis of unique plants of Russian regions with the most attractive nature!
The unique beauty of Russian nature and Russian women is spoken about all over the world! We have what to be proud of!

The anti-aging care for the beauty and youth of your eyes!
1. Cowberry - is rich with the vitamin complex, organic acids and bioflavonoids, preventing the skin early aging
2. Althaea - accelerates the skin regeneration
3. Viola - softens and nourishes the skin
4. Rhodiola rosea - tones the skin and smoothes wrinkles
5. Ginseng - promotes the collagen production 

Heroines of products Power of 5 herbs are women - residents of the regions. Pure Line helps women to reveal their natural beauty and believes that the beauty of each woman is as limitless as the beauty of the Russian nature!
The natural, strong, winning circumstances, but so tender and beautiful ... Beautiful Russia - we have what to be proud of!


Lingonberry; Althaea officinalis; Violet; Rhodiola rosea; Ginseng.


  • The skin is protected from the early aging
  • The skin is restored and soft
  • The skin is more even, wrinkles are smoothed
  • Dark circles under eyes are much lighter

The consumer properties are confirmed by testing with the participation of 100 respondents, min 71% positive response, RF, 2011.
Cream-lifting - a cream with the effect of  lifting and smoothing the skin around eyes.
Is not a therapeutic product.

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