Pure Line "Impulse of Youth" Night Facial Cream 35+ 50 ml

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The Pure Line Institute - 20 years of scientific researches, 3rd generation of innovations`

The first smart cream` that adjusts to the skin needs.

Innovative machanism of action` – a capsule rejuvenation technology

One drop of cream contains 10 000 microcapsules, enriched with powerful plant extracts

Cream with microcapsules helps fill the “gaps” of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid*

The "Impulse of Youth" Night Facial Cream 35+ contains the extract of AKEBIAE, which is known for its exceptional`` anti-aging properties

AKEBIAE is a rare plant, its extract is capable of significant slowing down of aging processes

The night cream with akebiae and natural oils rejuvenates the skin and makes it look fresh in the morning.


The great capsule; Grape seed oil; Ginseng; Aloe vera; Extract of akebia.


  • 92% of noticeable increase of resilience in 3 weeks
  • 84% of women decided to postpone their cosmetician visit

` in the assortment of the brand Pure Line ``as estimated by the developers

*“gaps” are the deviations from the natural synthesis process of the predecessors of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, induced by the adverse impact of the external aging factors; the results of in vitro test of the manufacturer of the active component

** % positive response, the result of the consumer testing, 50 respondents, Russian Federation, 2015


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