Pure Line Shampoo Edelweiss 400 ml

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Kamchatka is a unique and ecologically clean corner of Russia, the land of volcanoes, geysers and mineral springs, as well as rare and amazing plants.

In the new shampoo PURE LINE collected the power of nature for the beauty of your hair:

  • Clay and edelweiss effectively cleanse the hair, making them more voluminous and giving them freshness and lightness up to 48 hours *.
  • 80% herbal decoction strengthens and restores hair along the entire length.

For Hair prone to greasiness and loss of volume


Edelweiss; Clay; 80% herbal decoction.


Freshness and lightness up to 48 hours*

The energy of Kamchatka - the statement is not related to the place of origin and production of the product. The product contains plants traditionally found in Kamchatka.
* In combination with active ingredients.
Consumer properties are confirmed by testing, 100 women, self-assessment, min 93% agreed, Russia, 2017.
Is not a therapeutic product.

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