Pure Line Balm Red Bildberry 230 ml

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Altai is an unusually beautiful region with a unique untouched nature, rich in herbs and berries with valuable properties.

In the new balm CLEAN LINE collected the power of nature for the beauty of your hair:

  • Red bilberry, cloudberry and currants nourish the hair and make them shiny from the roots to the tips1.
  • 80% herbal decoction strengthens and restores hair along the entire length.

For dull, shineless hair


Lingonberry; Сloudberry; currant; 80% herbal decoction.


Shiny hair from root to tips

Gold of Altai – the statement is not connected with the place of origin and production of the product. The product contains plants traditionally found in Altai.
[1] In combination with active formulation components.
Consumer properties are confirmed by testing 100 women, self-assessment min 99% agreed, RF, 2016.
Is not a therapeutic product.

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